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Arkansas Criminal and Traffic Leads and Direct Mail

The leads: We collect Arkansas criminal leads from the following counties. If you see a county below, we collect leads for newly filed criminal cases for that county where the defendant was just arrested. And if you don't see a county below, we don't collect leads for it at the moment, but that may change, so feel free to check back in the future.

Pulaski Benton Washington Garland


Where do you collect the leads from? In most, if not all counties in Arkansas that we collect leads in, we collect the leads from the jail/sheriff's office. These leads have the advantage of being the freshest available - you can reach people immediately after they have been arrested and before they have gone online to try to find an attorney.

Types of service: We have two types of service: the Traditional Service and the Full Service. With the Traditional Service, we collect leads on just-arrested Arkansas criminal defendants. We filter these leads according to your specifications in terms of the counties you are interested in, the types of charges (cases) you are interested in, and your general marketing strategy. We can then send you a spreadsheet containing these leads. You only pay for the leads we send you and we only send you the leads that you want. In addition, we also offer a free mail merge service. If you email us your letters, we will keep them on file, and then each day, Monday through Friday, we will mail merge the leads into your letters and then email you the already mail merged letters ready for printing. We can also perform free mail merge into labels as long as you email us the brand name and number of the labels that you use.

For the Full Service, we handle the entire process for you, from collecting the new arrests, to filtering them to your specifications in terms of counties, types of charges that you are interested in, and any other strategy that you have. We then print your envelopes and letters in full color and mail off your advertisements. We mail each day, Monday through Friday. We are professional mailers and maintain multiple permits with USPS.

Pricing: With the Traditional Service, we always provide a one month, no obligation, free trial of the leads. If you choose to continue with service at the end of the free trial, it is $0.45 per lead. There are no extra fees or anything like that. We simply multiple the number of leads we have sent you by $0.45 per lead to calculate your invoice. With the Traditional Service, we invoice once per month and the invoice is due 10 days later. (Note: a lead is equivalent to a row on a spreadsheet, which is the same as a defendant's name and everything associated with that defendant, like address, charges, court dates, etc. If a defendant has multiple charges arising out of one incident, you still only pay for just one lead).

With the Full Service, where we do everything, including collecting the data and filtering it to your specifications, the price is $1.60 per mail piece, except that there is a discounted four week period at the start of service, where the price is $1.15 per mail piece. The Full Service price is all-inclusive and includes the cost of the leads, postage, labor, and materials. We also print in full color on the envelope and letter at no extra charge.

How fresh are the Arkansas leads? We collect the Arkansas leads each day, every day, so the leads are as fresh as the leads can be. We email the leads to you each day, Monday through Friday. Monday's data contains the leads from the weekend.

Can I get only the types of cases I want and only in the counties that I want? Yes. We can filter the data to your specifications according to county and type of cases.

Is it easy to make changes? Yes, just email us and we can make the changes for you.

Any other special characteristics of your service: Yes, we can provide free mail merge to make things easier on your end. Basically, you email us your letters and we keep them on file. Each day, we mail merge the data into the letters, and then email you the already mail-merged letters along with the data. You can just open up the document containing the mail-merged letters and just hit “print.” Then you can do the rest of the mailing process. It is that easy. There is no extra charge for mail merge.

Can you do the mailings for me? Yes. This is called our Full Service. We are able to collect the leads, filter them to your specifications, and do the mailings for you. We are professional mailers who have permits with the Post Office. We do the mailings each day, Monday through Friday, so that your potential clients promptly receive your advertisement. Please call us so we can discuss your needs/requirements and so we can provide you with a quote. 

Do you have any samples of the Arkansas leads or advertisement letters for me to look at? Yes, please email us at or use the contact box to the right, and we will send you a sample of the data and/or sample letters.