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Wisconsin Criminal and Traffic Leads and Direct Mail

The leads: We collect criminal and traffic data for all Wisconsin counties. 

Types of service: We have two types of service: the Traditional Service and the Full Service.

With the Traditional Service, we collect leads on newly filed Wisconsin criminal and traffic cases. We filter these leads according to your specifications in terms of the counties you are interested in, the types of charges (cases) you are interested in, and your general marketing strategy. We then send you a spreadsheet containing these leads. You only pay for the leads we send you and we only send you the leads that you want. We can filter the leads by charge/offense, zip codes, cities/towns where the defendant lives, and just about anything else that you want. In addition, we also offer a free mail merge service. If you email us your letters, we will keep them on file, and then each day, Monday through Friday, we will mail merge the leads into your letters and then email you the already mail merged letters, ready for printing. We can also perform free mail merge into labels. Just email us the brand name and number of labels that you use and then we can set up a label template. Each day, Monday through Friday, we will mail merge the leads into the labels, and email you the mail-merged labels, which will be ready for you to print at your office.

For the Full Service, we handle the entire process for you, from collecting the newly filed Wisconsin criminal and traffic cases (the leads), filtering them to your specifications by type of charge/offense and anything else that you request. We then print your envelopes and letters in full color and mail off your mail pieces (advertisements). We mail each day, Monday through Friday. We are professional mailers and maintain multiple permits with USPS.

Price: For the Traditional Service, there is a one month (30 calendar day) free trial, followed by $0.15 per lead. If you would prefer a flat monthly fee based on the counties that you are interested in, please reach out to us, and we will provide a flat monthly fee quote for the leads. Also, the free trial does not obligate you to continue with paid service. It is a true free trial.

For the Full Service, the price is $0.75 per mail piece for mail pieces mailed during the first 4 weeks, followed by $0.95 per mail piece thereafter. The Full Service price is all-inclusive, and includes the cost of the leads, labor, postage, and materials. 

With both the Traditional Service and Full Service, there are also no long term commitments. You can cancel at any time, just by emailing us. With either the Traditional Service or Full Service, you can cap the amount you want to spend so that you can stay within your marketing budget.

How fresh are the leads? We collect the leads each day, every day, so the leads are as fresh as the leads can be. We email the leads to you each day, Monday through Friday. Monday's data contains the leads from the weekend.

How do you fix bad addresses and returned mail? We use address correction software. This is software maintained by a vendor that has a license with USPS. The addresses in the leads we collect are fed through the address correction software (and thus the USPS databases of addresses). The result is that many bad addresses are eliminated entirely. Some bad addresses have fixable errors and the software automatically fixes those errors. This can be a real advantage since you now have some leads with accurate addresses that other attorneys may not have access to. Address correction software is not perfect, and you will still get some returned mail. However, the quality of the address correction software that we use will substantially reduce returned mail and help get more of your mailers to the right potential clients at the correct address.

Can I get only the types of cases I want and only in the counties that I want? Yes. We can filter the data to your specifications according to county and type of cases.

Can you help me execute complex marketing strategies? Yes, we can help you with just about any strategy, including, but not limited to:

  • Identifying out-of-state defendants so that you can target those most likely to hire an attorney instead of going to court themselves.
  • Identifying Hispanic records so that you can send an advertisement in Spanish.
  • Mailing for complex combinations of charges: like only mailing for driving on a suspended license if the defendant is also charged with an OWI.

Is it easy to make changes? Yes, just email us and we can make the changes for you.

Any other special characteristics of your service: Yes, we can provide free mail merge to make things easier on your end. Basically, you email us your letters and we keep them on file. Each day, we mail merge the data into the letters, and then email you the already mail-merged letters along with the data. You can just open up the document containing the mail-merged letters and just hit “print.” Then you can do the rest of the mailing process. It is that easy. There is no extra charge for mail merge. We can also handle mail merge into labels for you. Again, there is no extra cost for this.

Can you do the mailings for me? Yes. This is called our Full Service. The price is $0.95 per mail piece ($0.75 per mail piece for the first 4 weeks of service). This is an all-inclusive price and includes the cost of the leads, postage, labor, and materials. We also print in full color on both the envelopes and letters at no extra cost. Even the invoicing is simple with the Full Service: we simply invoice you once every two weeks by adding the number of mail pieces mailed off for you during that two week period. There are no extra charges or fees. You can also cap the amount that you want to spend so you stay within your marketing budget.

Do you have any samples of the Wisconsin leads or sample Wisconsin advertising letters and mail pieces for me to look at? Yes, please email us at or use the contact box to the right, and we will send you a sample of the data and/or sample letters.

SCR 20:7.3 Solicitation of clients (a) A lawyer shall not by in-person or live telephone or real-time electronic contact solicit professional employment when a significant motive for the lawyer's doing so is the lawyer's pecuniary gain, unless the person contacted: (1) is a lawyer; or (2) has a family, close personal or prior professional relationship with the lawyer. (b) A lawyer shall not solicit professional employment by written, recorded or electronic communication or by in-person, telephone or real-time electronic contact even when not otherwise prohibited by par. (a), if: (1) the lawyer knows or reasonably should know that the physical, emotional or mental state of the person makes it unlikely that the person would exercise reasonable judgment in employing a lawyer; or (2) the target of solicitation has made known to the lawyer a desire not to be solicited by the lawyer; or (3) the solicitation involves coercion, duress or harassment. (c) Every written, recorded or electronic communication from a lawyer soliciting professional employment from anyone known to be in need of legal services in a particular matter shall include the words "Advertising Material" on the outside envelope, if any, and at the beginning and ending of any printed, recorded or electronic communication, unless the recipient of the communication is a person specified in pars. (a)(1) or (a)(2), and a copy of it shall be filed with the office of lawyer regulation within five days of its dissemination. (d) Notwithstanding the prohibitions in par. (a), a lawyer may participate with a prepaid or group legal service plan operated by an organization not owned or directed by the lawyer that uses in-person or telephone contact to solicit memberships or subscriptions for the plan from persons who are not known to need legal services in a particular matter covered by the plan. (e) Except as permitted under SCR 11.06, a lawyer, at his or her instance, shall not draft legal documents, such as wills, trust instruments or contracts, which require or imply that the lawyer's services be used in relation to that document. WISCONSIN COMMITTEE COMMENT The Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule differs from the Model Rule in that paragraph (b)(1) has been added, as have the last clause of paragraph (c) and all of paragraph (e). These provisions are carried forward from the prior Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule. When a lawyer uses standard form solicitations that are mailed to many prospective clients, the lawyer satisfies the filing obligation in subparagraph (c) by filing one copy of each version of the solicitation form with the office of lawyer regulation, and by maintaining in the lawyer's files the names and addresses to which the solicitation was mailed. Because of differences in content and numbers between the Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule and the Model Rule, care should be used in consulting the ABA Comment.