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Direct Legal Mail is the premier provider of leads and direct mail using court data

Welcome to Direct Legal Mail's official website. Our company collects leads in three main areas of law: Criminal & Traffic, Bankruptcy, and Family Law. Our clients are mostly criminal defense, bankruptcy, and family law attorneys. These attorneys are looking to expand their practices by advertising in a targeted way to either criminal defendants, whose who have been sued and could benefit from filing for bankruptcy, or those individuals who have just become involved in a family law case and need counsel.

In addition to law firms, Direct Legal Mail also provides its leads and direct mail service to other types of businesses that can benefit from advertising in a targeted way using court data.

In addition to supplying the leads directly to our clients, Direct Legal Mail also provides a turnkey direct mail service known as our Full Service. Each weekday, we mail off thousands of mail pieces for our clients to help them with their marketing efforts.