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Texas Traffic Class C Misdemeanors

Introduction: This page is specifically devoted to Texas Class C misdemeanor traffic leads and direct mail advertising. We do collect criminal traffic cases, like DWIs, and can supply those to you as well. You can select to advertise to misdemeanors and felonies, criminal traffic, and Class C traffic all at the same time. Given the uniqueness of class C misdemeanor traffic and the fact that the counties were we can collect them are a subset of the counties where we can collect criminal and criminal traffic, we have created this page and devoted it to Texas class C misdemeanor traffic.

The leads: We collect Texas civil traffic infractions from the following counties. If you see a county below, we collect leads for Class C misdemeanor traffic cases for that county. And if you don't see a county below, we don't collect leads for it for Class C misdemeanor traffic, but we may collect leads for it for criminal and criminal traffic. Please see the table on the main Texas criminal and traffic page.

Collin Comal
Dallas Denton
El Paso Galveston
Harris County Justice of the Peace Court San Antonio Municipal Court

Types of service: We have two types of service: the Traditional Service and the Full Service. With the Traditional Service, we collect leads on new Texas traffic cases. We filter these leads according to your specifications in terms of the counties you are interested in, the types of charges (cases) you are interested in, and your general marketing strategy. We can then send you a spreadsheet containing these leads. You only pay for the leads we send you and we only send you the leads that you want. In addition, we also offer a free mail merge service. If you email us your letters, we will keep them on file, and then each day, Monday through Friday, we will mail merge the leads into your letters and then email you the already mail-merged letters ready for printing. If you plan to use labels to address your mail pieces, you can email us the brand and number of labels you use, and we can set up free, daily mail merge into your labels.

For the Full Service, we handle the entire process for you, from collecting the newly filed Texas  traffic cases (the leads), filtering them to your specifications in terms of counties, types of charges that you are interested in, and any other strategy that you have. We then print your envelopes and letters in full color and mail off your mail pieces (advertisements). We mail each day, Monday through Friday. We are professional mailers and maintain multiple permits with USPS.

The pricing is county dependent. Each county in Texas works slightly differently in terms of how easy and how costly it is for us to get the raw data that we transform into the leads. You can either contact us for quotes for the counties you are interested in or you can click on the individual county pages to see the pricing for that county. 

Please call us at 1-888-513-6245 or email us at and we can talk about what you are looking for and we can provide you with a custom quote. If you have several strategies that you want to price out, we can assist you with that. We can run the volume numbers and give you average cost figures for the different strategies you have in mind. 

How fresh are the Texas leads: We collect the Texas leads each day, every day, so the leads are as fresh as the leads can be. We email the leads to you each day, Monday through Friday. Monday's data contains the leads from the weekend.

How do we prepare the data: We collect the data using either an automated program or by human data collectors. We then email the data to you Monday through Friday. Monday’s data will include data from the weekend.

Can I get only the offenses/charges I want? Yes. We can filter the data to your specifications according to the particular offenses/charges that you want.

Can you help me execute complex marketing strategies? Yes, we can help you with just about any strategy, including, but not limited to:

  • Identifying out-of-state defendants so that you can target those most likely to hire an attorney instead of going to court themselves.
  • Identifying Hispanic records so that you can send an advertisement in Spanish.
  • Mailing for complex combinations of charges: like only mailing for driving on a suspended license if the defendant is also charged with either a DUI or a reckless driving charge.

Is it easy to make changes? Yes, just email us and ask and we can make the changes for you.

Any other special characteristics of your service: Yes, we can provide free mail merge to make things easier on your end. Basically, you email us your letters and we keep them on file. Each day, we mail merge the data into the letters, and then email you the already mail-merged letters along with the data. You can just open up the document containing the mail-merged letters and hit “print.” Then you can do the rest of the mailing process. It is that easy. There is no extra charge for mail merge.

Can you do the mailings for me? Yes. This is called our Full Service. We are able to collect the leads, filter them to your specifications, and do the mailings for you. We are professional mailers who have permits with the Post Office. We do the mailings each day, Monday through Friday, so that your potential clients promptly receive your direct mail advertisements. Please call us at 1-888-513-6245 or email us at so we can discuss your needs/requirements. We can also provide you with a custom quote. 

Do you have any samples of the Texas leads or sample Texas advertisement letters and mail pieces for me to look at?  Yes, please email us at or use the contact box to the right, and we will send you a sample of the data and/or sample letters.