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Harris County Bankruptcy Leads and Direct Mail

Direct Legal Mail collects consumer debt leads from the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts with the goal of finding individuals who could benefit from the services of a bankruptcy attorney. Defendants who have been sued on a consumer debt are oftentimes among the defendants who most need the services of a bankruptcy attorney.

Free trial offer:

Since we have just completed our lead gathering operation for Harris County Justice of the Peace bankruptcy leads, we are currently providing a one month, no obligation free trial of the leads. We can provide you with the following consumer debt case types: 'Debt claim', 'Foreign judgment', 'Small claims', and 'Writ of garnishment'.

Two types of service are available for Harris County: 

We can provide Traditional Service, whereby we collect the leads on a daily basis and then email them on a spreadsheet to you Monday through Friday, with the new cases from the weekend delivered on Mondays' spreadsheets. You or your assistants can then prepare your advertisements using these leads and mail off from your office. We recommend that you or your staff mail off each and every weekday that is not a public holiday so as to maintain the advantage Direct Legal Mail generates by collecting the leads so quickly. We call the service where we collect the leads and you mail them off, the Traditional Service. The other type of service we offer is the Full Service, whereby we handle the entire process for you, from collecting the leads to preparing your advertisements and mailing them off for you.


For the Traditional Service, there is a one month (30 calendar day) free trial, followed by $0.60 per record. For the Full Service, the first 4 weeks of service are discounted by $0.60 for a total price of $1.20 per mail piece. After the free trial, the price is $1.80 per mail piece. The Full Service price is all-inclusive and includes the cost of the leads, postage, labor, and materials. The free trial or discounted trial does not obligate you to continue with regular service. There are also no long term commitments. You can cancel at any time just by emailing us. With either the Traditional Service or Full Service, you can cap the amount you want to spend so you can stay within your marketing budget

Can I get only the types of consumer debt leads that I want? 

Yes. You can pick one or more of the following types: 'Debt claim', 'Foreign judgment', 'Small claims', and 'Writ of garnishment'. If you want us to filter the data in some other way, like by the state or town or zip code that the defendant lives in, or some other criteria, let us know, and we will see if we can accommodate that filtering request.

Can these leads be used for civil defense work or are they just for bankruptcy?

These leads are not only for use by bankruptcy attorneys but can be used by civil defense (debt defense) attorneys as well. On some of the bigger debt collection cases, especially those involving a small business as a defendant, using the leads to advertise civil defense legal services makes sense.

Can you help me execute complex marketing strategies? 

Yes, we can help you with just about any strategy, including, but not limited to:

  • Identifying Hispanic records so that you can send an advertisement in Spanish.
  • We can also help you execute on strategies that you have come up with yourself, and we keep these strategies confidential so that you can benefit from the strategies that you have come up with.

Is it easy to make changes? 

Yes, just email us and ask and we can make the changes for you.

Any other special characteristics of your service: 

Yes, we can provide free mail merge to make things easier on your end. Basically, you email us your letters and we keep them on file. Each day, we mail merge the data into the letters, and then email you the already mail-merged letters along with the data. You can just open up the document containing the mail-merged letters and hit “print.” Then you can do the rest of the mailing process. It is that easy. There is no extra charge for mail merge.

Can you do the mailings for me? 

Yes. This is called our Full Service. The price is $1.80 per mail piece ($1.20 per mail piece for the first 4 weeks of service). This is an all-inclusive price and includes the cost of the leads, postage, labor, and materials. We simply invoice you once every two weeks by adding the number of mail pieces mailed off for you during that two week period. You can also cap the amount that you want to spend so you stay within your marketing budget.

Do you have any samples of the Harris County Justice of the Peace consumer debt leads (bankruptcy leads) or sample bankruptcy advertisement letters and mail pieces for me to look at?  

Yes, please email us at or use the contact box to the right, and we will send you a sample of the leads and/or sample letters.