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How it All Works

person being arrested

Step 1 - A Defendant is Arrested. This Person May Benefit from an Attorney's Services

A person is arrested. He is now a Defendant in a criminal proceeding. Note that some Defendants are not arrested but merely cited. Either way, it all plays out the same in most states. We can collect leads on either arrested or cited defendants in most states.

computer code

Step 2 - Direct Legal Mail's Traditional Service (leads only) vs. Full Service (Direct Mail)

Direct Legal Mail collects the leads and analyzes them to see if they match the attorney’s specifications in terms of the counties that the attorney wants and also the types of charges (offenses) that the attorney is interested in.

At this point, there are two things that Direct Legal Mail can do with the clients. If the attorney has selected TRADITIONAL SERVICE, we will then email the leads to the attorney in a spreadsheet each day, Monday through Friday. Monday's spreadsheet will contain leads from the weekend. In addition, if the attorney has emailed us his letters, we can keep them on file and mail merge in the new leads and email the attorney his mail merged letters each day. If the attorney uses labels, we can mail merge the data into the labels and email the already mail-merged labels each day. There is no charge for the mail merge. It is an optional, free service.

If however the attorney has chosen FULL SERVICE, Direct Legal Mail will take the leads and mail merge them into the attorney's letter and then print off the letters. At the same time, Direct Legal Mail will print off the attorney's envelopes. (Direct Legal Mail has the capability to print in full color on both envelopes and letters and there is no extra charge for printing in color). Direct Legal Mail will then assemble the letters and envelopes into advertisement mail pieces and mail these off at USPS (the Post Office).

envelopes about to be sent

Step 3 - The Post Office Processes and Sorts the Mail

The mail is sorted and processed at USPS (the Post Office).

mail being delivered

Step 4 - The Post Office Delivers the Advertisements to the Potential Clients

The Post Office then delivers the attorney's mail pieces to the potential clients who have just been cited or charged with a traffic or criminal charge.

mail being read

Step 5 - The Potential Clients Receive the Attorney's Advertisements

The potential client, or a loved one of the potential client, then opens the advertisement mail piece and reads the attorney's letter explaining how that attorney can help the potential client deal with his traffic ticket or criminal charge. (In some states, postcards can be used as well).