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Eminent Domain

Overview of eminent domain leads and direct mail options:

Together with our partner, Data Research Solutions (DRS), Direct Legal Mail can help find and collect leads on real property that will be affected by a future government condemnation (taking). The team at DRS monitors government financing activity as the federal government and state governments move money towards development projects. Once it is determined that the project will be going forward, DRS can provide these leads to you for you to mail off direct mail advertisements from your office (or a mailing house of your choosing). Alternatively, if you want a full turnkey solution, DRS can forward the leads to Direct Legal Mail for Direct Legal Mail to print and mail your direct mail solicitation letters to the property owners that will be affected by government condemnation of their property in the near future. 

Data Packages:

After obtaining the project maps, DRS identities each affected property. By using multiple property database resources, their data is guaranteed to be current and accurate. The deliverables that are produced and sent to you include: pertinent landowner contact information (including mailing addresses for purposes of advertising to the landowners by direct mail), project timelines, and maps showing the right of way takings.

Additional services available upon request include personalized maps, tenant mailing data, and commercial registered agent mailing data.