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Bankruptcy Leads and Direct Mail

Every day, all across the country, debtors are sued by their creditors in state courts and creditors try to collect on judgments they already have against debtors. Often, the best option available to those debtors is to hire a bankruptcy attorney. Depending on the jurisdiction, we collect information on debtors who have just been sued for the first time on a debt and we also collect information on debtors who already have a judgement against them that the creditor is trying to collect on.

Our goal is to help bankruptcy attorneys advertise their services in a targeted way using direct mail to those debtors who need those services right now. We both provide the leads to bankruptcy attorneys so that they can mail off an advertisement from their office and we also provide a full turnkey mailing service where we both collect the leads as well as mail off the advertisements for our clients.

We collect leads in the jurisdictions below. Please read the specific state page that you are interested in, because in some states, it is only possible to collect leads in some of the counties.